Wholesale Road Paint Primer For Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Primer

Wholesale Road Paint Primer For Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Primer

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Hot melt paint primer It is the adhesive for hot melt marking and pavement. The organic solvent in the primer is very easy to wet the road surface. While wet the road surface, the resin in the primer covers the coated road surface and forms a coating film, which is beneficial to the combination of the coating film formed at high temperature and enhance the adhesion of the marking line to the road surface.

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Product Name Road paint primer
Brand Dahan
Color Colorless and Transparent
Objective of Use Cement , Asphalt Road Surface
Weigth 16kgs/barrel
VOC <100g/L
Theoretical Spreading Rate of Square 0.15kg
Function Auxiliary Base Paint for Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint
Applicable Place Road Marking Construction Site
Storage cool, dry, avoid direct sunlight, storage temperature not lower than 0 ℃
Expiration date 365days


1. Green Does not harm your body in the process of production and construction , nor will it pollute our environment . 2. Quick-drying This primer coating dries very soon , very convenient to continue . You will not have to wait long to coat thermoplastic paint , this has been proved by laboratory tests . 3. Strong Adhesion It is made by C5 hydrocarbon petroleum resin , pure acrylics , that make it a better incomparable adhesion , with remarkable softness and resilience . This has been verified . No interlamination flaking cracks , strong adhesion with road surface . 4. Easy Roller coating , spraying coating are both working , no speical requirements at all . 5. Universal This primer is working very well for both Asphalt and Cement road surface . Usually , the dosage of square is suggested about 0.15kg , but specific dosage is up to you according to the actual need of road surface .

Application :

expressway, factory, parking lot, playground, golf course and living quarter and so on



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