thermoplastic paint price thermoplastic road marking paint contractors car park marking paint

thermoplastic paint price thermoplastic road marking paint contractors car park marking paint

short description:

Convex vibrating thermoplastic road marking paint is made of thermoplastic petroleum resin, high-quality pigments and additives. Using it to mark line, the thermoplastic road marking paint has the advantages of quick drying, easy construction, good light reflection and long service life.

We can produce different standards of thermoplastic road marking paint, such as Chinese standard (JT/T280-2004 and GB16311-2009), BS standard, AASHTO standard, etc. The contents and raw materials are different with different standards. We can also produce according to customers’ non-standard customization.

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Raw Material C5 Petroleum Resin, CaCO3, Glass Beads, DOP, PE, etc.
Gravity, g/m3 2.1 g/ml
Color white, yellow, etc.
Heating Temperature 180ºC-220ºC
Softening Point, ºC 110 ºC
Coating Appearance No wrinkles, dots, blisters, cracks, fall-out & stick tyres
Drying Time, min Within 3 minutes
Compressive Strength, MPa 26
Abrasive Resistance, mg 42
Water Resistance Great(in water for 24 hours)
Alkali Resistance Great(in saturated solution of calcium hydroxide for 24 hours)
Fluidity, s 40s
Coating Resisitance Resist -10ºC for 4 hours
Heat Resistance Under 200ºC-220ºC for 4 hours


1. Compression wear-resisting Our paint has good compression wear-resisting, to ensure more durable use. 2. Reflective effect According to the settling rate of the glass beads, properly choose stable refractive and high quality coating type glass beads with different particle ratio, to ensure the marking always to be in high reflection when executing. 3. Dry fast Use different formula to produce the paint according to temperature, humidity and roadbed condition when executing, ensure fast drying speed and antifouling property of the marking. 4. Stability (Weatherability) Choose excellent light and heat stability raw materials, to make sure the long-acting color and luster even under strong sunshine.

Application :

Rroad marking, straight line, dotted line, curve, oriented arrow, letter and etc.
Parking lot, community, expressway, urban road, park runway, stadium, bridge, tunnel



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