Single Tank Thermoplastic Preheater

Single Tank Thermoplastic Preheater

short description:

Thermoplastic preheater is one of the main equipment for road marking construction. In the process of marking lines, the first step is to heat and stir the powdery paint in the preheater until it turns into the liquid paint, then pours the paint into the marking machines for the marking operation. Since the melting level of the paint has direct bearing on the quality of marking lines, the preheater plays an important role among the thermoplastic marking devices and is an essential part for melting paint.

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Name Single Tank Thermoplastic Paint Preheater
Model DH-YF500
Size 1730×850×1550mm
Weight 650kg
Paint capacity 500kg
Diesel engine 8HP Water-cooled diesel engine
Hydraulic tank 50L
Heating stove gas stove


High melting efficiency, long service life, simple operation, excellent material, quality assurance, careful production, stable performance, wear resistance and durability

Application :

Expressway, factory, parking lot, playground, golf course and living quarter and so on



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