Rutile Grade Tio2 Titanium Dioxide

Rutile Grade Tio2 Titanium Dioxide

short description:

It is a high-grade general-purpose rutile titanium dioxide. It adopts advanced hue and particle size control technology and zirconia and alumina inorganic coating technology. It is easy to disperse, has good whiteness, high brightness, Strong covering, high weather resistance and other characteristics, is the top of the sulfuric acid method of titanium dioxide. It is suitable for coatings, inks and other fields and can also be used for plastic coloring.

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Road marking paint; decorative paint (for indoor and outdoor use); powder paint; steel coil paint; industrial paint for general purpose (applied to plastic, ink, papermaking, rubber and leather etc.); ink.


1. outstanding whiteness;
2. excellent reducing power and covering power;
3. excellent dispersibility in both of water-based and oil-based atmosphere;
4. good weather resistance, heat resistance and light resistance and widely used.

Rutile Grade Tio2 Titanium Dioxide

Technical Parameter:

Inorganic surface treatment  AL2O3 , ZrO2
Organic surface treatment   Yes
TiO2 content % (m/m) ≥93
Brightness ≥94.5
Tint reducing power, Ryenolds number, TCS ≤0.5
Volatile matters at 105 ℃, %(g/100g) 180ºC-220ºC
Water soluble matters, % ≤0.5
pH value of water suspension 6.5~8.5
Oil absorption value, % (m/m) ≤20
Electrical resistance of aqueous extract, Ωm  ≥80
Residue on sieve (45 um mesh), % (m/m )   ≤0.02
Rutile content, %  ≥98
Oil dispersible power (Hegemann nukber)  ≥60



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