Reflective Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Paint of different standards with low price for sale

Reflective Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Paint of different standards with low price for sale

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Hot melt scribing coating adopts glass bead primer and petroleum resin hot melt coating. Heat the coating in the hot-melt machine, control the melting temperature between 18 ° C and 220 ° C, and fully stir for about 10 minutes before coating. Mark and measure the position according to the position and figure indicated in the design drawing, and then apply the primer on the way of marking. Hot melt coating can be applied only after the primer is dry. Reflective glass beads are spread while marking to increase night identification.

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Type Normal thermoplastic road marking paint
Brand Dahan
Raw Material C5 Petroleum Resin, CaCO3, Glass Beads, DOP, PE, etc.
Color White/yellow/custom
Appearance Powder
Heating Temperature 180ºC-220ºC
Softening Point 90ºC-120ºC
Drying Time 3 minutes(at 23ºC)
Weight 25 kg/bag
Shelf Life 365 days


01. Adhesion

The unique formula has good adhesion with the road surface. The special coating agent is applied before marking to make the combination between the coating and the road more firm.

02. Skid resistance

It contains anti-skid additives, so that the coating maintains good leveling performance, has good anti-skid performance, and ensures driving safety.

03. Reflectance

Contain sufficient high-quality glass beads with stable refractive index, and scientifically select mixed glass beads with different particle ratios according to the settlement rate of glass beads, so as to ensure good reflective effect of new and old markings.

04. Dryness

Different formulations are provided according to different construction conditions to ensure 3-5 minutes of dry traffic and maintain good antifouling performance.

05. Stability

It contains anti ultraviolet additives and is prepared with raw materials with good light and thermal stability, so that the marking can maintain the original state and color for a long time.

Strong adhesion: the resin content is reasonable. Special rubber elastomer is added to the bottom oil, which has strong adhesion. Ensure that the construction process is reasonable and will not fall off.

Good crack resistance: hot melt marking is easy to crack due to temperature difference. Add sufficient EVA resin to the coating to prevent cracking.

Bright color: coated pigment is adopted, with reasonable proportion, good weather resistance and no discoloration after long-term exposure.

High coating rate: small density, large volume and high coating rate are our major characteristics.

Strong stain resistance: the quality and dosage of PE wax are the key points affecting the stain resistance. Exxon PE wax has been the company's preferred product for many years.


Application :

Normal thermoplastic road marking paintScope of application:

expressway, factory, parking lot, playground, golf course and living quarter and so on



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