why choose us ?

1.Adhesion: resin content is reasonable, in the bottom oil added special
rubber elastomer, strong adhesion. To ensure the reasonable construction
technology will not appear fall off phenomenon.
2.Good resistance to crack: hot melt marking because of temperature
change,prone to cracking phenomenon, add enough EVA resin in coatings,
prevention of crack.
3. Bright color: adopt top coated pigment,ratio is reasonable,good weather
resistance.Long-term exposure does not change color.
4. The spreading rate high, density is small, large volume, high coating rate,
is one of our big characteristics.
5. The fouling resistance: good quality of PE wax and dosage is key point
of the fouling resistance, exxon PE wax is the preferred products for many
years. (3)

Post time: Jan-13-2022