What are the regulations for setting up traffic safety facilities?

The purpose of setting traffic safety facilities is to ensure the safety of driving and pedestrians and give full play to the role of the highway. The setting regulations are as follows: overpass bridges or underpasses shall be set at sections where pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles cross expressways and class I highways, especially at stations or intersections. Where there is no pedestrian and bicycle overpass or underpass on class I highway, pedestrian and other safety management signs shall be set. On other classes of highways, necessary overpass or underpass can be set according to the actual situation. On expressways and class I highways, in order to avoid vehicle collision and injury to pedestrians, guardrails to prevent vehicles from breaking into the opposite lane and protective nets to prevent pedestrians from crossing the lane shall be set according to the regulations. Guardrails or warning piles shall be set in high embankments, approaches at bridge ends, extreme minimum radius, steep slopes and other sections of highways at all levels. In order to ensure smooth traffic at night and traffic safety, reflective signs and reflective safety facilities shall be gradually set along the line, lighting can be provided in busy and important sections with transportation characteristics, and local lighting can be used at conditional intersections and crosswalks. In order to guide the driver’s line of sight and ensure driving safety, signs can be used to mark the highway edge and alignment on the required sections. At sharp turns and intersections with poor sight distance, signs, reflectors or lane separation can be set in conjunction with other measures to ensure driving safety. Barricades shall be set up in dangerous sections such as construction operations, falling stones and landslides; Conical traffic signs shall be set up in the sections with obstacles; Guide signs shall be set at the place where the direction of driving in a certain section is changed. Guidance marks are indicative guidance.

Post time: Sep-23-2021