How to classify the marking machine?

The Road marking machine is a product often used in the process of road construction. It is classified by function according to different scenarios and projects, such as hot melt marking machine, cold spray marking machine, and two-component marking machine. Here is a brief understanding of the common categories.
According to the operation mode: it can be divided into two types: hand-push type and vehicle-mounted type. The former is mainly used for small-scale operations such as pedestrian crossing lines, parking azimuth lines, and parking lines; the latter is a self-propelled marking machine modified with a special chassis, which is fast in construction, flexible, and can be used for large-scale marking construction. Road marking.
According to the spraying method: the normal temperature paint marking machine can be divided into low pressure air marking machine and high pressure airless spraying marking machine. The low-pressure air marking machine uses low-pressure air to generate negative pressure in front of the nozzle to suck out the paint in the container, atomize the paint, and spray it on the road surface to form a marking coating. The air spraying method can make the paint atomized and fine. , but there is air rebound, the paint scatters seriously, the marking line drawn has burrs, and only low-viscosity paint can be sprayed. Due to the many defects of air spraying, it has been replaced by high-pressure airless spraying marking machine in my country's marking construction. High-pressure airless spraying marking machine, the spraying effect is good, although the atomization is not as fine as air spraying, but there is no air rebound, the marking line is neat and full, and the spraying is strong, the adhesion is good, and it can spray high-viscosity paint. The life of wire coating is significantly higher than that of airless spray.


Post time: Aug-19-2022