Do you know these signs and markings?

Traffic signs and markings remind people how to go and what to pay attention to when driving and walking, which plays an extremely important role in maintaining traffic order and ensuring traffic safety. They are:
The color of the centerline of the carriageway is white or yellow, which is used to separate the traffic flow in the opposite direction.
The white dotted line of lane dividing line is used to separate the traffic flow in the same direction.
The lane edge line is white, which is used to indicate the lane edge line.
The white stop line indicates the parking position where the vehicle waits for the release signal or stops to give way.
The white deceleration yield line indicates that the vehicle must slow down and yield.
Pedestrian crossing line white stripe.
The color of the guide line is white, which means that the vehicle must drive according to the specified route and shall not cross the line.
The markings of lane width transition section shall be consistent with the center line.
The color of the marking line of the near road obstacle is consistent with the center line, indicating that the vehicle must bypass the road obstacle.
The white solid line of the parking mark indicates the parking position of the vehicle.
Bay stop markings are white, indicating that vehicles lead to special separation approaches and parking positions.
The white entrance and exit markings provide a safe intersection for vehicles entering or leaving the ramp.
The white solid line of the guide arrow is used to guide the driving direction.
The guide lane line is a solid yellow line drawn on the intersection stop line to indicate the guide lane.
The white streamline stripe of the diversion belt is marked at the abnormal intersection or road surface to divert the traffic flow.
The pavement text is marked in yellow to indicate or restrict the driving of vehicles.
The Yellow mesh stripe of no parking line is generally used in front of important units and departments. It is forbidden to park vehicles inside.

Post time: Sep-23-2021