Application and characteristics of road marking paint

Hot melt reflective marking paint is mainly used on highways and expressways above class 2. The marking coating thickness of this paint is (1.0 ~ 2.5) mm. Reflective glass beads are mixed in the paint, and reflective glass beads are sprinkled on the surface during marking construction. This marking has good night reflection performance and long service life, generally up to (2 ~ 3) years. The construction of hot melt coating requires special heating equipment.
Characteristics of reflective hot melt coating:
Strong adhesion: the resin content is reasonable. Special rubber elastomer is added to the bottom oil, which has strong adhesion. Ensure that the construction process is reasonable and will not fall off.
Good crack resistance: hot melt marking is easy to crack due to temperature difference. Add sufficient EVA resin to the coating to prevent cracking.
Bright color: coated pigment is adopted, with reasonable proportion, good weather resistance and no discoloration after long-term exposure.
High coating rate: small density, large volume and high coating rate are our major characteristics.
Strong stain resistance: the quality and dosage of PE wax are the key points affecting stain resistance

Post time: Sep-27-2021