High Reflecting Speedway Markings Thermoplastic Road Paint

High Reflecting Speedway Markings Thermoplastic Road Paint

short description:

Thermoplastic road marking paint is mainly used for more than 2 level road and highway.The thickness of lines made from this coating is (1.0 ~ 2.5) mm, paint mixed with reflective glass beads, and in the construction, spread the reflective glass beads on the surface. This type of marking line has good nightly reflective performance, long service life, generally up to 2 ~ 3 years.

Thermoplastic road marking paint needs special heater device in constructions. In second re-marking construction of old marking lines, you should eliminate the thick old marking line firstly.

Hot-melt reflective marking coating is mainly used for the highway and highway above grade 2, the marking coating thickness of this coating system is (1.0 ~ 2.5) mm, coating mixed with reflective glass beads, and in the marking construction, the surface sprinkled reflective glass beads. This kind of marking line has good night to glance performance, service life is longer, the demand that depends on the big highway construction of traffic flow estimates to coating of coating of all kinds of road marking line, small and the quality of coating itself and decide, can reach commonly (2 ~ 3) year. The construction of hot melt coating requires special heating equipment. To the old line of the second recoating, to eradicate the thicker the old coating can be applied.

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Gravity, g/m3 2.1 g/m3
Color Yellow, Orange, Red and etc
Heating Temperature 150℃-220℃
Softening Point, ℃ 110 ℃
Coating Appearance No wrinkles, dots, blisters, cracks, fall-out & stick tyres
Drying Time, min Within 3 minutes
Chroma Performance Reverse material (white)
Compressive Strength, MPa 26
Abrasive Resistance, mg 42
Water Resistance Great(in water for 24 hours)
Alkali Resistance Great(in saturated solution of calcium hydroxide for 24 hours)
Glass Beads, % 19%
Fluidity, s 40s
Coating Resisitance Resist -10℃ for 4 hours
Heat Resistance Under 200℃-220℃ for 4 hours
Material C5 Petroleum Resin, CaCO3, Wax, Glass Beads, EVA, PE and so on.
Package 25kg/bag, by plastic woven bag. One 20’ container can load Max. 25 tons.


1) Higher adhesive strength: Special elastomer is added in our recipe of thermoplastic road marking paint in order to improve the adhesive strength
2) Stronger crack resistance: Our recipe compounded a special additive which is seasoned with the temperature. Thus it avoids possible deformation of the melted film caused by nature temperature variation.
3) Bright color: Our recipe introduced high quality color filler with reasonable mixture proportion. And it helps thermoplastic paint lasts for years without color change.
4) Enhanced wet night visibility
5) Immediate retroreflectivity

Application :

Rroad marking, straight line, dotted line, curve, oriented arrow, letter and etc.
Parking lot, community, expressway, urban road, park runway, stadium, bridge, tunnel



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