Double Tank Thermoplastic YF600

Double Tank Thermoplastic YF600

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1. General use steps: first, prepare enough diesel, engine oil, hydraulic oil and water (for cooling water). Make preparations for fire prevention and protection, and check and repair the system equipment to ensure it is in good condition. After starting the diesel engine with no load, gradually load it to 5-6mpa (no more than 8Mpa), pour part of the coating into the hot-melt kettle for heating and melting. When the coating temperature reaches 100 ~ 150 ℃, start the mixer for mixing, and continuously add new coating in a flow state, and the total amount of coating added shall be less than 4 / 5 of the kettle capacity. When the coating temperature in the kettle reaches 180 ~ 210 ℃, it is in a flow state, Put the liquid paint into the marking machine through the discharge port for marking construction. The feeding and discharging conditions shall be determined according to the quantities, construction time and weather conditions. Under normal circumstances, the materials shall be used up at the end of construction.

2. Before use and during maintenance: make sure that the hydraulic system is not leaking or blocked; Check the gas system for leakage or blockage; Ensure that the nozzle is not blocked or the vent hole is too large. After ignition, the flame is adjusted to be blue; Gas valve control is effective.

3. Replace all the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank five or six days after the first use, change the oil for the second time a month later, and regularly check and clean the filter of the hydraulic oil tank.

4. Regularly overhaul and maintain the diesel engine.

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Name Double Tank Thermoplastic Paint Preheater
Model DH-YF600
Size 1730*1650*1190MM
Weight 780kg
Paint capacity 300kg*2
Diesel engine 8HP Water-cooled diesel engine
Hydraulic tank 50L
Heating stove gas stove


Electric pneumatic diesel engine, 14 HP diesel engine, strong power and long service life,

10mm high carbon alloy is used at the bottom of the pot, which can transfer heat faster, greatly shorten the melting time, and will not be damaged in 5 years,

Three layers of flame retardant thermal insulation cotton, each layer with a thickness of more than 5cm, improve the speed of melting and fuel saving, and do not need to be reheated even if the temperature is lower than 10 ℃

Imported motor and flange

The hydraulic motor and flange are integrally cast, their diameter and thickness are strengthened, and their weight is 10kg, so as to ensure that the motor shaft and mixing work together and will not wear after long-term use

Application :

Normal thermoplastic road marking paintScope of application:
expressway, factory, parking lot, playground, golf course and living quarter and so on



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