Double Tank Thermoplastic Preheater CYF10001200

Double Tank Thermoplastic Preheater CYF10001200

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The oil and gas double-cylinder thermoplastic preheater is improved on the basis of the gas-fired thermoplastic preheater. The equipment adopts a special oil and gas dual-purpose stove, which has fast melt speed and high efficiency, especially when using diesel as fuel. Convenient, no need to waste time for refueling; in the remote mountainous areas and plateau areas, the oxygen content in the air is low, diesel as fuel is obviously more advantageous than liquefied gas, reducing construction costs, as a new generation of thermoplastic preheater, is the construction team’s first choice.

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Name Double-Cylinder Thermoplastic Preheater
Model DH-CYF1000
Size 1850×1780×1680mm
Weight 1280kg
Paint capacity 1000kg
Diesel engine 15HP electric start
Hydraulic tank 60L
Diesel capacity 118L
Heating stove Special oil and gas stove


ventilation system The machine is equipped with 3 ventilation chimneys and 2 air pressure chimneys in the cylinder, with smooth smoke exhaust and good combustion. Safety device, outlet pressure regulating lock of hydraulic system, safety baffle of diesel engine flywheel, heat insulation device of smoke exhaust system

Application :

Normal thermoplastic road marking paintScope of application:
expressway, factory, parking lot, playground, golf course and living quarter and so on



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