Cold plastic road marking black road paint berger thermoplastic road marking paint

Cold plastic road marking black road paint berger thermoplastic road marking paint

short description:

Thermoplastic road marking paint consists of resin,EVA,PE wax ,fillers materials,glass bead,which is solid powder condition at normal temperature,If is is heated to 180-200 degrees by heat fusing pot under construction,it will appears flowage, coating pot under construction, it will appears flowage, coating the paint to the road surface will form hard film,It has full line type,strong wearing resistance and other flowage, Sprinkling reflecting glass micro beads on the surface under consturction, it has good reflecting effect at night , it is widedy applied in highway and road,Accordning to the enviroment used and the different construction requirements,we can supply different types of paint for our customer option.

With the increasing social demand of glass micro-beads ,the increasing of manufacture .and the relatively low price and not standardized quality ,we choose the manufacturer with economic strength according to the our big usage and customize the bloomed glass micro-beads used for road line-marking according to the standardized quality requirement .Three specifications :the surface sprinkling beads for thermoplastic line-marking ,the surface sprinkling beads for normal temperature line-marking ,the surface sprinkling beads for water-base line-marking.We can supply  enough stock in hand ever day

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Usage:Reflective Effect For Road Marking Line
Ingredient:SiO2, Na2O, CaO, MgO, Al2O3…
Appearance:Solid Round Ball
Density:2.4g/ cm³
Mohs hardness:6-7
Shelf Life:24 Months

Application :

Canada, America, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belguim, Brazil, Brunei,Bulgaria, Burma,Costa Rico, Cyprus, Dominica Rep., Ecuador, France, Guam, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria,Pakistan, Panama, Portugal, Puerto Rico,Senegal, Seychelles, Singapore,Spain, Suriname, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kiongdom, Uruguay, Venezuela,Zambia,Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Ireland, UK, Romania, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Mocanbique, Iraq, Myanmar, Thiland, Singapore, India, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Agentina, Russian Federation,Peru, Middle East Asia and so on.



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