Automatic / self-propelled Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine with car/truck/vehicle

Automatic / self-propelled Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine with car/truck/vehicle

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The self-propelled thermoplastic road marking machine is one of the main equipments in the construction of thermoplastic or hot melt marking line. This product is simple in structure, flexible in operation and labor-saving in construction, especially for zebra crossing, which is also easy to be applied. It is obviously superior to similar products, and equipped with sub-benchmark to cope with the quick switch of the reference line of various complicated roads and irregular marking lines.

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Name Self-Propelled thermoplastic road marking machine
Model DH-ZX150
Size 1300×880×1000mm
Weight 190kg(without hopper)
Glass beads box capacity 20kg
Marking thickness 1.2~2.5mm
Marking width 50/100/150/200/400/450mm
Arrow marking hopper 300mm
Zebra marking hopper 400/450mm
Speed of marking 2~3Km/h
Spreader Roller spreader
Floor knife Floating carbide floor knives
Heating method Petroleum liquefied gas heating and insulation
Driving system Imported oil pressure infinitely variable speed walker
Power 5.5HP Honda gasoline engine
al (1)
al (2)


1.Marking Hoppers are made of Special Alloy

2.Two Handles are designed for the Marking Hopper

3.Adjustable Handle and Carbide Toll help to work on uneven road

4.Special Rubber Wheels help to work more effectively and stably

5.Paint Tank of Double Layer Temperature Reservation Structure

6.Automatic / self-propelled Thermoplastic Road Marking

Application :

Expressway, factory, parking lot, playground, golf course and living quarter etc.



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